Kingston police business plan

The program is the brainchild of educator and Kingston resident Lester Strong. It will be run by the Center for Creative Education, a Midtown-based not-for-profit that uses arts education and enrichment to help inner city youth in Kingston.


Strong, who previously developed literacy and education programs in Washington D. Strong noted that cops and minority youth both face challenges that set them apart from the general population. For kids, it may be involvement with the criminal justice system, failure in school and instability at home. Police work notoriously extracts a high physical and mental toll on cops.

Decades of studies have found that police officers suffer higher than usual rates of post-traumatic stress disorder, alcoholism, divorce and suicide. Martin Seligman to describe a discipline based on promoting individual and community well-being and quality of life. Peaceful Guardians aims to put those principles into practice in six-week training sessions, one for cops and one for kids.

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Part of the training, Strong said, would involve teaching officers to avoid getting caught up in the emotion and chaos of tense situations. The goal, Strong said, is not to tell cops how to do their jobs but to give them resources to live happier, healthier lives off the clock while gaining a fresh perspective on their role as guardians of the community.

Kingston Police Chief Egidio Tinti said that he had authorized all 65 Kingston police officers to take part in the training. The city will cover overtime costs so the officers will not have to use personal time for the seminars. Tinti noted that in the past decade, police academy training had incorporated wellness into the curriculum but, he said, not all of his officers had had that training and others could benefit from a refresher. Tinti said he anticipated that some of his officers would buy into the program while others would look askance.

Others, he said, would hopefully come to see the value of the initiative once they took the training.

kingston police business plan

For the kids of the Peaceful Guardians program, facilitators will employ the same principles tailored to help them navigate the universal trials of adolescence, compounded by the additional risks linked with poverty.

Participants will be recruited in seventh and eighth grade and continue with the program through high school. The goal is to recruit 50 middle-schoolers a year for the next five years. Strong said applicants may be referred to the program by school officials and other community members, but they will have to pass an interview with a program facilitator to ensure that they are motivated to stick with the years-long commitment.

After the initial six-week training, participants will be paired with a mentor chosen from a group of volunteers recruited and trained by the Kingston Interfaith Council — a coalition representing 23 area churches. The mentors will meet with program participants twice a week to offer guidance on issues in school and at home. Once a month, current and former members of the program will gather for meetings to discuss their concerns and goals.

The cops and kids will come together towards the end of the initial six-week training for sessions designed to build mutual respect and understanding by working together on community projects and other exercises.Although it doesn't look like much — just a designated area in the visitor parking lot at police headquarters — the safe zone is used multiple times a week as a real-life meet up point for transactions arranged on the Internet.

Kingston police Const. Steve Koopman says the service is planning on putting up a sign in the next month or so to officially launch the zone. The idea behind the safe zone was not based on any specific incident, but was triggered after the police began seeing an increase in fraud cases involving online purchases.

So we say, 'Come to our station. Koopman said there hasn't been any reported issues among buyers or sellers using the safe zone, even though residents can report to nearby officers if a criminal offence such as fraud or theft occurs during a transaction.

He noted that he hasn't seen anyone come by with large items like dressers or toilets, but those types of transactions are also welcome in the space. Police forces across the country have been setting up safe zones in their communities over the past year, as the popularity of buying and selling through online classified and social media sites like Kijiji, Facebook and Craigslist continue to grow.

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A number of official and unofficial safe zones have been reported in a number of jurisdictions in Alberta and Ontario. A spokesman for Kijiji said the company has been in talks with several police departments about how to increase safety for its site users. It's currently working on promoting police-sanctioned safe zones on its website soon. In Vancouver, police say it doesn't have a designated safe zone but does encourage people to meet others in public places, including police stations, rather than their home.

Brian Montague. Safety issues connected with doing business online came under scrutiny following the murder of a Hamilton man. Tim Bosma vanished after leaving with two men who came to his home to test drive a truck he advertised for sale online.

His body was found burned beyond recognition in an animal incinerator more than a week later. In June, a jury found two men guilty of first-degree murder in his death. Get the top stories emailed every day. Newsletters may offer personalized content or advertisements. Privacy Policy. Follow us. Terms Privacy Policy. Kingston Police HQ. Photo: Facebook The idea behind the safe zone was not based on any specific incident, but was triggered after the police began seeing an increase in fraud cases involving online purchases.

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Canadian Astronaut Will Join U. Mission To Deep Space In Are you ready to meet the special needs of all household members including pets and children if you have to stay home up to 72 hours due to an emergency like an ice-storm or to evacuate due to a nearby fire?

Public Safety Canada offers a variety of products aimed at helping citizens know the risks and get prepared for emergencies. Download the Emergency Preparedness Guide which explains the steps residents should take to become better prepared for emergencies. Read the Emergency Preparedness Guide to prepare yourself for these possible emergencies which could affect Kingston.

Explore these links to know and understand Kingston's risks and hazards. Your household emergency kit should help your household shelter-in-place stay at home for at least 72 hours. It should include:. A go bag is what you take with you if you have to evacuate your home quickly.

Every household member should put together a go bag — a sturdy, lightweight, waterproof and portable pack like a backpack containing:. Nested Applications.

Become A Police Officer: Kingston Police Force

Resident Emergency Services Emergency Management. Content - Res - Emergency - Emergency Preparedness. Are you and your family prepared for possible emergencies? Be prepared Know the risks. Make a plan.

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Prepare a household emergency kit and a go bag for everyone in your home. Review the information below to make sure your household is prepared to face an emergency. Know the risks. Develop and practice a disaster plan with your household: Decide where your household members will gather after a disaster. Identify two places to meet: one near your home and other outside of your neighbourhood. Practice using all possible exit routes from your home and neighbourhood. Designate an out-of-town contact who household members can call if separated during an emergency.

This out-of-town contact can help you communicate with others. Use the contact list template. Keep your contact info up-to-date. Plan to meet the needs of everyone in your household, especially seniors, people with disabilities, children and pets.

Plan to communicate by text, email or social media instead of by phone. Non-voice channels may work even when phone service doesn't in an emergency. It should include: Emergency Preparedness Guide — provides information to help you prepare for an all-hazards emergency.

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A go bag. See the next tab for details. A go bag is what you take with you when you must evacuate your home quickly. Flashlight — place batteries in reverse inside to conserve energy while not in use or tape batteries outside. Battery-operated or crank radio and extra batteries — to receive the latest news during an emergency.

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Place batteries in reverse inside to conserve energy while not in use or tape batteries outside. Batteries and chargers. Include extra batteries to run flashlight and radio.Emergency: 9 1 1.

Provincial legislation provides for police services boards to prepare, review, and revise as appropriate a strategic plan for the provision of policing in their communities. This strategic plan acknowledges ever-increasing expectations for the role of policing in our community beyond traditional law enforcement, such as responding to social trends, safeguarding the most vulnerable members of our society, and working with community partners and public sector agencies to address issues on the front line.

Innovation is also required to keep up with rapidly changing technology and human resources practices in a fiscally constrained world. Our local police service is expected to be visible in the community, use its resources well, and be a model for other services. Its goal is to maintain a safe community at home, at work, at school, on the streets, or in public places.

Accomplishing that goal involves dozens of significant policing issues, social trends, or safety factors that must be addressed.

The significant changes to the Police Services Act proposed in the Safer Ontario Act,include a transition to a four-year strategic plan. This plan establishes a focus to respond to the most significant challenges for police leadership through and beyond.

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Kingston Police Plan Official 'Safe Zone' For Online Classified Deals

Close Old Browser Notification. Browser Compatibility Notification. It appears you are trying to access this site using an outdated browser. As a result, parts of the site may not function properly for you. We recommend updating your browser to its most recent version at your earliest convenience. Skip to Content. News Report Online Contact Us. I Want To. I Want To Home Crime Prevention Business Safety. Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Email. Business Safety. If you accept online payments or use the Internet to gather customer information, consider online authentication to decrease the threat of credit card fraud, advertising fraud, and more.

kingston police business plan

Install security cameras: to prevent crime and help identify suspects if a crime happens. Train employees to properly close the store. Consider installing covers over exterior lights and power sources to deter tampering. Make sure that your entire sales floor can be easily viewed. Eliminate any blind spots that may hide a robbery in progress. Keep displays neat, and place small and valuable objects in cabinets.

kingston police business plan

Ensure that your staff is familiar with all of the merchandise in the store. Change locks if the keys are lost or not returned by a former employee. Install an enunciator on entrances to alert you that someone has entered your store or office. Make bank deposits often and during business hours but do not establish a regular pattern that a potential thief is able to follow.

Think before talking about the details of your job or working on sensitive projects in public places with strangers around.

Invest in a paper shredder or consider what is on a piece of paper before you toss it into the trash.

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Get to know the people who operate other businesses in your area. Watch for suspicious activity and report it to the police immediately. After hours, do not work late alone. Create a buddy system for walking to parking lots or public transportation or ask security to escort you.

Protecting your premises physically is a challenge in itself—but your online property is just as valuable. Given the growth of identity theft, it pays to invest in antivirus, anti-phishing, anti-spyware and a firewall protection to ensure that your network and your employee's personal information are secure.

Robbery prevention measures Greet or assist each customer as they come into the store.We will provide you with expert advice and ensure that you have all of the latest information on government announcements and available support.

During this time, we will be suspending site visits and the scheduling of in-house consultations. But we welcome businesses to reach out to our team with requests for information or support. This page has a list of resources and relief programming available for your business during this crisis. We will continue to update the page as more information becomes available. Book a 1-on-1 Zoom Meeting. Join our COVID Information mailing list, to receive our latest updates with business resources, programs and information for your business as it becomes available.

This decision aligns with steps the Province of Ontario has taken in response to the pandemic. Effective at a. Strengthened public health measures will come into effect in our service areas to help control the spread of COVID on Monday, November 23, at a. Some of these new measures include limited hours of operations for certain settings, reduced recreational program sizes, collection of patron contact information, and a safety plan.

A few tips on how business owners and staff may address concerns with the use of face coverings in commercial businesses. PDF Opening Guidelines. The following guidance document has been developed through consultation and review of industry best practices, available health and safety resources and input from various industry professionals.

Based on the lack of a formal regulated document at this time, the process for re-occupancy of commercial, community and public spaces outlined herein should be used as a resource and basic framework to assist businesses and organizations as they plan for the varied stages of reopening.

PDF Document. A list of suppliers and contractors that will help you with obtaining proper supplies for a safe reopening. Each document offers health and safety tips and good practices, for both employers and workers, specific to each industry or sector. Organizations and businesses can adopt this guidance to protect their workers and prevent the spread of infections.

Link Government of Ontario. As a first step, they have developed a framework to guide the approach.Plymouth County District Attorney Tim Cruz said a security guard patrolling the mall called just before 3 a. Two Kingston Police officers arrived and Cruz said the man threatened them and shots were fired. The man, later identified as year-old Alexander Bakutis of Plymouth, was shot once in the shoulder.

Cruz did not say if one or both officers fired their weapons. The one who needed medical treatment has been with the department for 15 years. A large part of parking lot was blocked off with crime scene tape overnight and several items were scattered on the ground including a backpack, a large knife and a bottle of alcohol. Police also confirmed there was a police stun gun on the ground. Bakutis has been charged with three counts of Assault with a Dangerous Weapon.

He is expected to be arraigned by Plymouth District Court on Wednesday. CBSN Boston. Pressley want to make sure the practice ends on Biden's first day in office. School Closings. But N'Keal Harry's trainer has no problem pointing one directly at Cam.

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