Breast cancer facts breast cancer now

The following are a few statistics that speak to the need to end this deadly disease. ACS, Incidence By Age Older women are much more likely to get invasive breast cancer than younger women.

Fromthe median age of a breast cancer diagnosis was 62 years of age. Progress in breast cancer mortality reduction has slowed in recent years. The mortality rate was decreasing by about 1. Annual declines have dropped to about 1.

breast cancer facts breast cancer now

ACS, ; DeSantis et al. While the breast cancer mortality rate has declined the number of women and men who die each year is rising and will continue to rise as the aging population grows. Mortality By Age Fromthe median age at death from breast cancer was 68 years of age.

NCI, Saphner et al. As ofthere were an estimated 3. DeSantis et al. The number of women living with metastatic breast cancer in the United States: In —, By —, Mariotto et al. All women are at risk for breast cancer.

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The majority of breast cancer cases do not involve these inherited mutations. The diagnosis of ductal carcinoma in situ DCIS was rare before However, screening has not resulted in a decrease in the rate of lethal disease i. Overdiagnosis of breast cancer i. Bleyer and Welch, Enjoyed our Virtual Cabaret or missed it?

In there weredeaths from breast cancer globally. WHO, Every thirteen minutes, a woman dies from breast cancer. National Breast Cancer Coalition 13 hours ago.Learning breast cancer facts can help people detect breast cancer sooner, therefore potentially increasing their chance of survival. While treatment for breast cancer has improved in recent years, one of the breast cancer facts that stays the same is the importance of early detection.

Breast cancer is often an uncomfortable topic and breast cancer facts can help remove some of the stigma that surrounds the disease. Increasing breast cancer awareness by teaching breast cancer facts can help support the search for a cure and make sure that people perform self-exams and seek treatment early if they have cause for concern.

Checking for lumps and other signs and symptoms of breast cancer is something every woman should do. In the effort to raise awareness of breast cancer facts, some groups began selling pink ribbons to support the cause. The now ubiquitous pink ribbon is a symbol of support for breast cancer awareness and is also worn to honor those who have been diagnosed or who have died from breast cancer.

Seeing pink ribbons everywhere is one of the positive breast cancer facts. Up until the s, breast cancer was a subject that was not spoken about in public. Because of the sensitive nature of the disease, women did not have the same levels of support they do today. Many women suffered from lack of treatment, and the surgeries performed were not as advanced as today. Awareness of breast cancer increased throughout the 20th century and the movement began to gain more momentum in the s and s.

In recent years, the pink ribbon, and the color pink in general, as a symbol of breast cancer awareness has become part of popular culture. Breast cancer awareness has huge importance when it comes to educating people on breast cancer facts.

The most important of these breast cancer facts is that early detection can increase the chances of survival. A lot of breast cancer awareness focuses on encouraging women to be screened for breast cancer. Some critics of the pink ribbon campaign say that while it has brought more attention to the issue, not enough is being done to promote the search for a cure. It is one of the more controversial breast cancer facts that some companies that use the pink ribbon in their promotional campaigns also make products like alcohol that can contribute to an increased risk of cancer.

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Whether or not the use of the pink ribbon is appropriate in all contexts, the increased awareness of breast cancer is one of the good breast cancer facts. The more people know about it, the more comfortable society will be discussing the topic.

This allows women to find support through groups and to receive more sensitive care during medical treatment. Groups continue to raise awareness for breast cancer as they work towards finding a cure and towards improving the conditions for people who are diagnosed with breast cancer.

These improvements include better treatment with more surgical options. More support systems also now include better psychological care to help people diagnosed with breast cancer cope with the disease and its effects on their mood and self-perception. By learning what the signs and symptoms of breast cancer are, the disease can be diagnosed and treated earlier, increasing the chances of survival.There are many different signs and symptoms of breast cancer, so regularly checking your breasts for anything different or new is important.

What you need to know about breast cancer, with \

The earlier breast cancer is diagnosed, the better the chance of successful treatment. Common breast cancer signs and symptoms include:.

This is concerning when most cases of the disease are detected because women have spotted new or unusual changes to their breasts. Checking your breasts only takes a few minutes. Everyone will have their own way of touching and looking for changes, but remember to check the whole breast area, including your upper chest and armpits.

Find out more about the signs and symptoms of breast cancer. There are many different factors that can affect your chances of developing breast cancer.

Everyone can take steps to lower their chances of getting breast cancer by making small healthy changes and living well now, including drinking less alcohol, maintaining a healthy weight and keeping physically active.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women the UK with one woman diagnosed every 10 minutes. Around 55, women and men are diagnosed with breast cancer every year in the UK.

This Breast Cancer Awareness Month nearly 5, people will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Breast cancer in men is rare with just new cases in the UK each year, compared to around 55, new cases in women.

For many the overwhelming emotional and physical effects of the disease can be long-lasting. Secondary or metastatic breast cancer is when breast cancer spreads from the breast to other parts of the body, becoming incurable. Breast cancer most commonly spreads to the bones, brain, lungs or liver.

breast cancer facts breast cancer now

While it cannot be cured, there are treatments that can help control certain forms of the disease for some time and relieve symptoms to help people live well for as long as possible. There are an estimated 35, people living with secondary breast cancer in the UK. For support and information, call Breast Cancer Now's free Helpline on To hear from us, enter your email address below.

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Skip to main content. Home Media. Find out the latest breast cancer facts and statistics. What are the signs and symptoms of breast cancer? What can cause breast cancer? What can I do to reduce my risk of breast cancer? How many people develop breast cancer? Who develops breast cancer?October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, so we want to take this opportunity to talk about the latest breast cancer facts, statistics, prevention measures and resources to help you.

While that number may seem scary, know that you still have an 87 percent chance of not getting breast cancer. One of the keys to surviving breast cancer if you are part of that 13 percent is early detection. According to the American Cancer Societyapproximatelywomen will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year and approximately 42, women will die from breast cancer in While still far too many, for context more women die from lung cancer each year than breast cancer. There are currently over 3.

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The survival rate for breast cancer has been improving now about Eighty-five percent of women who are diagnosed with breast cancer have no family history of it. The good news about this is that sometimes you can make lifestyle changes to lower your chances of getting breast cancer. The bad news is that developing breast cancer also has to do with certain genetic mutations that you have absolutely no control over.

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with breast cancer, it can be overwhelming to know what to do next. Here are some great resources that will help guide you through the process:.

At All About Women, we want to provide as much support for women with breast cancer or at risk of developing breast cancer. Again, we want to stress the importance of yearly mammograms for women that are 40 and older.

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Also, do not neglect your yearly well-woman exam so your doctor can be on the lookout for potential warning signs. Early detection of breast cancer and any other cancer is key for successful treatment and life afterward. Currently, 1 in 8 women develops breast cancer, which is about 13 percent of women in the U.

How can I lower my chances of getting breast cancer? Here are some great resources that will help guide you through the process: The National Breast Cancer Foundation NBCF has free educational guides on breast health, breast cancer, detection tips and other resources. Interested in learning more about clinical trials involving new treatments and prevention measures for breast cancer? Check out breastcancertrials. Cancer Care is an organization that gives support through counseling, financial assistance, support groups and other programs for those affected by breast cancer.

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The Cancer Financial Assistance Coalition is a group of major organizations that provide support and guidance for cancer patients that are dealing with financial struggles from treatment costs and other financial strains. The Susan G. Komen Foundation is a well-known breast cancer advocacy and support group that offers a lot of help for women with breast cancer. Their most popular event is their annual Race for the Cure that raises money for breast cancer research.

All About Women is here to help women with breast cancer At All About Women, we want to provide as much support for women with breast cancer or at risk of developing breast cancer. Schedule your appointment today.Breast Cancer facts and statistics along with general information about breast cancer and secondary breast cancer.

We strongly encourage all women and men to be breast aware and follow the 5 point plan.

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Remember, if you notice anything unusual or you become worried, go to your GP. All our information is taken from reliable and up to date sources and content is regularly reviewed.

breast cancer facts breast cancer now

Breast cancer occurs when breast cells divide in an uncontrolled manner. It can either be invasive or non-invasive in situ. Left untreated, breast cancer cells may spread and establish secondary breast cancer tumours made up of breast cells in other parts of the body.

The number of women diagnosed with breast cancer each year is increasing, which may be due to improved screening programs. A clinical trial AgeX in England is looking at the effectiveness of additional screening in women aged and In women below the age of 40, breast tissue is usually too dense for accurate screening using a mammogram.

An MRI scan can be offered instead to women with gene mutations known to increase breast cancer risk. Being breast aware means getting to know your breasts; how they look and what they normally feel like.

breast cancer facts breast cancer now

For information on the symptoms of primary breast cancer to look out for and to watch our video on how to perform a self-examination. Recurrence means a repeat breast cancer diagnosis. It can occur because some of the cancerous cells remained after treatment. Breast cancer recurrence is termed:. This is called adjuvant therapy. All people who have had breast cancer should be monitored for recurrence with an annual mammogram for at least five years after treatment.

Secondary cancer is also called metastatic, advanced or stage 4 breast cancer.

2020 Breast Cancer Facts & Statistics

It is the main cause of all breast cancer-related deaths. Breast cancer cells from the initial tumour can be carried in the blood and lymphatic system to other areas of the body where they may grow into secondary breast cancer tumours. The bones, liver, lungs and brain are the most common sites of secondary tumours. Cancer spread can be tested for using a variety of scans such as MRI, ultrasound or CT scans or biopsies. Symptoms of secondary breast cancer vary, depending on where in the body the secondary tumours are growing.

There is currently no cure for secondary breast cancer, and treatment is given to manage the symptoms. Treatment will depend on the type of breast cancer and any previous treatment received. More information on the facts surrounding secondary breast cancer can be found here.

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Breast Cancer Facts & Figures

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